about me

Alright, who the hell am I?

I'm an accomplished screenwriter with numerous credits including FEAR OF THE DARK (Kevin Zegers), RAPID (development  with Neal Moritz/Sony), PROPHECY 4 &5 (Dimension), SCIENCE FAIR (MGM - development), RECOIL ('Stone Cold' Steve Austin) and SECURITY (Antonio Banderas and Sir Ben Kingsley).

I've always wanted to be a voice for aspiring screenwriters, this is a tough business. Getting a movie made is like finding the ark of the covenant. 

Yeah, that's an Indiana Jones reference


I've been very lucky to have the success I have. I know story. I know structure. I'm not McKee. I'm like you. I want to make movies, I want to encourage creativity. 

I've read scripts for the WGA, and Slated. Both helped new writers move to the next stage.  

I won the John P. Anderson award for playwriting.

I love writing, and I love crafting an awesome narrative.