The logline is the awesome trailer that you see in the theater. 'Oh, hell yeah...I'm gonna watch that!'. It's the appetizer. It gets attention. Back in the day, it was a letter. Literally...a letter. I sent a bunch of letters in the past. Like a Civil War soldier in a Ken Burns movie. Now, you can just email stuff and find producer contacts off IMDB. It's not that hard. Just be cool. A lot of the time...might not go forward, but...

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Screenwriting Night School 101: SAVE THE CAT/DOG/KID/WHATEVER

If you have a protagonist, that you want the audience to immediately like...regardless if it's a violent person, or emotionally resistant, or kinda scary-looking...Have him/her be nice to an animal or a child or someone elderly right away. The reader is on-board with whatever happens in the next 90 pages. Or 120 pages, if you don't want to sell it. 

Save the cat, save the dog, save the kid.

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